Innovations Beyond Mobile

At Aiyta our primary aim is to provide innovative mobile communication tools that allow businesses and organizations to improve communications, reduce associated costs, increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty, and improve brand recognition.

Our innovations however go well beyond simple mobile services. From Mobile Marketing and SMS Aggregation to Web and custom IT Services, we provide leading-edge solutions that empower entities from across a wide cross-section of industries including government, non-profit, political, financial, news media, healthcare, automotive, sporting, religious, nightclubs/restaurants, and advertising. Explore our services and discover innovations that go beyond mobile!


With the ever increasing use of mobile devices, every moment is now mobile. Consumers are rarely without their mobile device and on average check their mobile device more than 100 times per day. Our mobile solutions gives businesses and organizations the opportunity to remain in touch with mobile consumers, while opening up countless opportunites to them that mobile provides.


A well designed website is a window to the world. It provides entities the opportunity to reach out to current customers, as well as millions of potential customers. It also serves as a platform to market their offerings. Our web services are focused on taking creative direction, implementing comprehensive web solutions, and providing hosting infrastructure to ensure that web presence is always available.


Today, Information Technology forms a fundamental part of almost every sector of business and plays a vital role in every aspect of modern-day life. We provide IT services customized to meet the present and future needs of clients, which in turn can assist them in increasing growth and productivity, improving communication and efficiency, in addition to reducing their overall operating costs.

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